Indexing/Data Entry

With over 450 data capture stations operating on three shifts and 6 days/week, Scanning Canada can process our clients' work with unsurpassed accuracy and speed. It's been the core component of our operation.

We take it any way we get it: on paper-lists, survey results, enrollment data, business reply cards, and medical claim forms - or by electronic transmission. We enter it manually (from image or paper) or through computer assisted data capture, using optical character recognition, mark sense and MICR.

  • Few service bureaus can compete with the quality and speed of Scanning Canada
  • Data entry, keying both from image and paper. Utilizing production analysis reports, document and image controls, key verification and statistical quality control, CDP guarantees the reliability, accuracy, and integrity of our clients' data.
  • Scanning Canada has a dedicated team of programmers who develop customized validation tools for each indexing project thereby offering unsurpassed quality standards. Such tools include check sums, city, province& zip validation. Wherever needed we can also include address correction based on USPS verified addresses and also name verifications.

Direct to Client On-Line Data Entry

  • Is being requested more and more frequently. Here, a team of highly-skilled Scanning Canada operators are trained to key directly into the client's system.

Multiple locations.

  • Scanning Canada offshore locations are based in different cities and the operators in each location are cross-trained to act as emergency backup in case of disaster recovery, unexpected surges in volume, etc. This enables us to consistently meet turnaround in both the image and paper environment.

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